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About the Artwork - The work ”Permeated” is one in the series of works where I portray the child. The child, in a nature-like, abstract landscape busy discovering, moving forward, understand, feel, and creating her own room. I look back to the habitat of my own childhood, the places of my children and my ancestors. I go out into forests, along streams and through shrubbery to recognize myself. In the process of painting, I give life to fragments of thoughts and feelings. The landscape grows and changes during the work. It's like a quiet movie about a child and a child's changing world. I think it's about identity and time and to understand your place in a complex world. /Sofie Stenberg. | About the Artist - Sofie Stenberg is a Swedish artist, born 1977, based in Uppsala, Sweden. Her work is characterized by the joy to discover. She uses art as a tool to understand herself and all around. Stenberg's works are compressed fragments of her feelings and experiences. She works intuitively and the color and the brushstrokes are just as important as the motif itself. Recurring figures in the paintings are inspired and taken from reality. | Copyright - Collectors receive a cryptographic token representing the Creator's Digital Artwork ownership that can be bought and sold as a piece of property, however, collectors do not have legal ownership, right, or title to any copyrights, and other intellectual property rights to the Digital Artwork. © Sofie Stenberg  | Digital Image: High resolution. Format: PNG. Size: 3617 × 5500 px.