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ArtworkLasse Skarbøvik


The Bridge - Artely NFT Collection
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About the Artwork - "How I see and hope alien look like when they arrive, nice and designed." /Lasse Skarbøvik. | About the Artist - Lasse Skarbøvik was born in Norway, but now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. His creative style borders on formal abstraction, and the human figure—or part of it—is present in his work, but in a playful, almost mocking way that shows how the artist laughs at himself and the human condition in general. | Copyright - Collectors receive a cryptographic token representing the Creator's Digital Artwork ownership that can be bought and sold as a piece of property, however, collectors do not have legal ownership, right, or title to any copyrights, and other intellectual property rights to the Digital Artwork. © Lasse Skarbøvik | Digital Image: High resolution. Format: PNG. Size: 5800 × 3737 px.