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Everyday Is Like Sunday
ArtworkMagnus Gustavsson


The Bridge - Artely NFT Collection
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About the Artwork - "An illustration of the urge to move forward but still holding yourself back." /Magnus Gustavsson. | About the Artist - Magnus Gustavsson is a Swedish artist born 1975. In the tension between the traditional and the modern, his art handles existential themes. They deal with our place in a confusing time, how we are influenced by the outside world and how we in our turn influence it. | Copyright - Collectors receive a cryptographic token representing the Creator’s Digital Artwork ownership that can be bought and sold as a piece of property, however, collectors do not have legal ownership, right, or title to any copyrights, and other intellectual property rights to the Digital Artwork. © Magnus Gustavsson | Digital Image: High resolution. Format: PNG. Size: 2800 × 3450 px.