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ArtworkHelga Holmén


The Bridge - Artely NFT Collection
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About the Artist - Helga Holmén is a Swedish artist, born 1974 in Gränna, Sweden. Her work is based on contrasts and small irritations as well on the material, as in the performance and the topic. She follows the thesis that the world consists of contrasts and that our perception has been fenced in through experiences of life. To bring it to the head, parallel stories will be told within the same picture, and may give some new impulses to the spectator. The different materials and the small contrasts they produce are as important as the different topics and the parallel world told about within the work. Together they perform a sort of painted collages. | Copyright - Collectors receive a cryptographic token representing the Creator's Digital Artwork ownership that can be bought and sold as a piece of property, however, collectors do not have legal ownership, right, or title to any copyrights, and other intellectual property rights to the Digital Artwork. © Helga Holmén  | Digital Image: High resolution. Format: PNG. Size: 2197 × 2193 px.